Oral Cancer Screening


The bad news: cases of oral cancer are on the rise, causing over 8,000 deaths per year. The good news: with the new Velscope technology at West Willow Dental, it is easier than ever to detect oral cancer in the very early stages.

In the past, oral cancer has been linked to heavy smoking and drinking. However, infection with HPV (human papillomavirus, or the same virus responsible for the majority of cervical cancers) is a known and increasing common causative factor of oral cancer.

West Willow Family Dental and Dr. Ray Jeleniauskas are proud to be the only office in the Wheaton area to offer the revolutionary Velscope technology, a non-invasive lifesaving oral cancer screening system.

Dr. Jeleniauskas states “We have and will always conduct oral cancer screenings but with the new Velscope technology, it allows us to see what we could not before with the naked eye. We are now able to provide our patients with the best oral health care currently available.”

Velsope allows the signs of oral cancer to be seen at earlier stages than previously possible. The device uses a narrow blue light with special filters that make you mouth appear apple green in color when healthy. If abnormal cells are present, then they appear darkened, which makes them easier to identify as possible pre-cancerous or potentially dangerous very early on.

This technology has been recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show as well as The Doctors. For more information on this revolutionary technology or to schedule an oral cancer screening, please contact us at any time.