services_invisilign-videoInvisalign is a system for aligning teeth that provides an alternative to traditional metal braces. They are a series of clear, removable aligners. This option is often attractive to patients who are opposed to the appearance of braces and are willing to co-operate with given instructions. When considering Invisalign it is important to consider various positive and negative features associated with treatment, including:

  • Treatment may be quicker than traditional orthodontics
  • Provides less force than traditional metal treatment resulting in less overall pain
  • Food can be consumed with out restriction of metallic braces due to the removable nature of the device
  • Commitment to wear aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours per day
  • Teeth should be cleaned after eating or drinking, before re-inserting trays.
  • Possibility of loss due to removal during eating, drinking, or brushing teeth

West Willow Dental offers Invisalign as an attractive option for those who are concerned about appearance and lifestyles changes associated with more traditional orthodontic treatment. We are happy to answer all your questions and see if this treatment is right for you.