Crown and Bridges


Crowns and bridges are restorative techniques that repair damaged or missing teeth and return your smile to its original beauty. Many people fear these dental procedures due to urban myths of pain, embarrassment and hassle. West Willow Dental dispels these rumors and strives to make your visit as comfortable and effortless as possible. These procedures typically consist of two visits where the dentist will examine the damaged or missing teeth, prepare the teeth for the crown or bridge by shaping the teeth to fit the crown or bridge exactly, taking an impression to fabricate your custom crown or bridge form, and finally the fitting of a temporary crown or bridge while the permanent restoration is being made. On your second visit, the temporary crown or bridge is removed; the area is cleaned with the actual crown being permanently placed.

There are many things to consider when talking with our dentists about crowns or bridges, including:

  • Extent of the damage that a filling or inlay cannot remedy
  • Restorative vs cosmetic needs
  • Alternative restoration methods such as implants
  • Types of materials used in restorative fixtures and any lifestyle implications

At West Willow Dental, we are happy to discuss your particular situation with you. Your questions and concerns regarding crowns and bridges are welcome.