West Willow Dental Reviews in Wheaton

I am grateful to be a patient at West Willow Family Dental

Where I’ve received dental care for about 20 years. Hygienists Kim and Pam regularly clean my teeth and are meticulous in their work. I always enjoy their inquiries about my college-age son’s aspirations as a firefighter; he, too, is a patient at West Willow.

Margaret, the office manager, is remarkably capable, a whiz when it comes to insurance and gets things done. When I phoned recently to follow up on a referral, she had already taken care of it. Dr. Ray sees to it that the entire dental office is equipped with technology that enhances the thoroughness of his patient’s check-ups, and he holds to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Staff members Candace and Maria add to the pleasant efficiency behind the front desk. When seated in the reception area prior to being taken to an examination room, I’ve noticed a sense of camaraderie extended to patients, postal service staff and others making deliveries to West Willow West Family Dental.